Welcome To Your Tribe

Welcome To Your Tribe

Welcome To Your TribeWelcome To Your TribeWelcome To Your Tribe

All Artists Welcome! 

About Us


Meraki Movement

Meraki Movement is our way to give back to our Communities through our Artistry, Creativity, and Authenticity. 

Our objective is to build each other up through our community work and inspire others to live in their own pure authenticity.

We focus our energies on building Fun Awareness Events that benefit several charitable Organizations. 


Meraki Magazines

We offer two Magazines. 

Our Meraki Monthly Magazine, a monthly released, themed issue of different Artists. 

And our Meraki Tribe, Special Editions issues that touch base on important awarenesses and dives into the Autheticity of the Artists behind the art. 

Proceeds go to our Meraki Movement and Meraki Modeling. 


Meraki Modeling

Meraki Modeling is more than just fun & creative, themed photo shoots. 

We love to build awareness through our Artistry and we offer Confidence Building photo shoots as well, with the help of our seasoned model and certified life coach, Kat Taylor. 


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